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Having trouble with your home's design? Feeling like your living space is a bit off-balance? Or maybe you're moving and want a professional touch for your new place? We believe that everyone deserves a peaceful and delightful home.

Our goal is to provide a professional and accommodating service that turns your dreams into reality. We're not just about looks – we want your home to be functional and comfortable too. Check out our carefully crafted single-room design packages below. If you have specific requests or need more than one room design done, just send us an email at, and we'll create a custom quote just for you.


We're here and ready to help with any questions you have. Please feel free to reach out to us for detailed information regarding our packages. We're genuinely excited to help, and we're looking forward to start transforming your home!


standard package.jpg


  • Mood Board.

  • Furniture Layout.

  • Color Palette with Paint Codes.

  • Furniture, Lighting and Accessories selection.

  • Shopping list and purchasing of custom pieces.

PERFECT IF: You're living in a rental or have recently moved to a new home that has a good base and finishes to work with, and you'd appreciate having a professional take care of all the details and assist in making the most out of your space

Starting at 790€ per room.

full package.jpg


  • Mood Board.

  • Furniture Layout.

  • Paint color codes and Flooring selection.

  • Furniture, Lighting and Accessories selection.

  • Lighting Placement Plan.

  • 3D Visualization.

  • Shopping list and purchasing of custom pieces.

  • Design Supervision or execution for a separate fee.

PERFECT IF: You just bought a new home or you're renovating and you're keen on having a professional take care of all the details, right from making interior architecture changes to picking out the right finishing touches.

Starting at 1150€ per room.



  • Mood Board.

  • Selection of additional pieces.

  • Shopping List for newly introduced pieces or changes.

PERFECT IF: Your room already has a solid foundation, including finished floors and several furniture pieces and you're interested in giving it a fresh look or adding new elements to bring it all together.

Starting at 390€ per room.



  • Virtual call of 90 mins where you can ask all of your questions regarding your home.

  • You receive a document with all the agreed information and inspiration discussed in the session.

PERFECT IF: You're the one handling all the tasks around your house, but you could use some professional input. Whether it's choosing between materials, colors, layouts, styles, or making those last critical decisions, this alternative is tailored to offer the guidance you're looking for.

150€ per session.

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