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Choosing the right furniture for your room.

Shopping for furniture is very confusing, exciting sure, but also confusing if you don't know where to start. If you've gone through the steps we mentioned earlier here, then you already know the style, size and colors of the furniture pieces you're looking for. You can either start with a piece that you're totally in love with and must have, and build your other pieces around it or you can just start with the basics which are the sofas or armchairs. Most interior styles have distinctive furniture shapes or colors. In this post you will find the different furniture styles, what you can buy if you're extremely confused and what to keep in mind while you're shopping.

Transitional Furniture.

Some of the Transitional furniture features are more upholstered items, nail head trims and tufting. Also, using exposed wood but without any excessive or ornate details.

Contemporary Furniture.

Contemporary furniture is whatever is trendy at the moment. Nowadays, you can see a lot of curves, exposed legs, clean lines, Bold scales and mixing materials and textures.

Industrial Furniture.

Industrial furniture feature a lot of leather, metal with hammered and scorched surfaces, huge sectionals and edgy items.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

Mid-Century modern pieces have a very unique retro look which features shallow button tufting, rich wood frames and tapered wooden legs.

Scandinavian Furniture.

Natural wooden surfaces dominate the Scandinavian furniture style.They have functional basic shapes.The style uses light wood such as birch, spruce or pine.

Blank Canvas.

If you're still confused on which style you want, we recommend that you choose basic furniture that don't have any ornate details, tufting, unique legs or very distinctive features. By doing that you create a blank canvas where you can start layering different accessories that bring your style together. Try to choose items that would go with different styles so you always have the freedom of change. Invest in good quality furniture and you'll find that you don't have to constantly replace them.

Things to keep in mind.

Only buy things you love, just because things are trendy doesn't necessary mean that you should buy them. Don't forget your measuring tape, double measure to make sure everything will fit nicely.Also measure your doorways, to make sure that the pieces you're buying will fit through them at delivery. Take risks and you'll definitely be happy with the result. Sometimes we like to buy a piece of furniture that looks beautiful but isn't very functional, that's okay just make sure to balance it with other functional pieces because it's your home not a showroom. Don't buy too themed pieces and don't overuse one material, mix textures, metals and shapes. After you're done with the basics, choose items that complement your style and add character to your space. Happy designing!

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