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Design your perfect home in 7 steps!

Interior design is a very dynamic and such a detail oriented industry. Designers spend most of their lives looking into the tiny details that wouldn't cross your mind that make your room flawless. Do you want to start designing your room but don't know where to start? Do you ever go out and splurge on decorative items, cushions, plants, lamps and still feel that something is not right with your room? The problem is probably with one or more of the foundations of the room which are outlined below. Your perfect room is now more attainable. Start with these 7 steps and follow the series of detailed posts on each step that will be published weekly. Let's get started!

Step 01: Decide on the room style.

The first step towards your perfect room is picking a design style so let's start with that. It's not the easiest thing for sure, a lot of clients struggle with not knowing the right words to describe or express their taste in interior design. Are you a fan of classic interiors or are you more minimal? You can pick a certain style you like or you can mix items from different styles to create your own unique style. Trends come and go but these are the ones that are the most popular: Modern, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Country and Bohemian. Learn more here.

Step 02: Plan the Layout of the room.

For some people, it might not be the main focus but it's the most crucial part of the design. You can have a lot of nice furniture pieces in the room but they just don't fit! Start by thinking of the seating situations you prefer the most, are you more comfortable with armchairs or sofas? How many people do you usually seat? How are you going to use this room? What is the Focal point of the room? A lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you decide on the most suitable layout for you. Regardless of which layout you decide on, there are certain rules that you have to follow to make your room more functional. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

-Don't just stack your furniture against the walls.

-Try to avoid creating dead zones and create conversation groupings.

-Leave enough space for circulation.

-Never overlap the edges of adjacent sofas or chairs, make sure to leave a gap.

-In Bedrooms, keep in mind that wardrobe doors and drawers need space to open.

Don't place the furniture too close around them.

Learn how to create your own here.

Step 03: Choose a color palette for the room.

It's down to the point where everyone gets so indecisive, picking out the color scheme. Do you find it hard to mix colors together, or you already know what you want your main colors to be but thinking of accents? This part is all about your taste and what you like best. An easy way to figure out the colors to use is picking a picture from nature that you really love and source the colors to use from this picture. Another cool way to find what you want is checking the designseeds website. There are tonnes of color combinations to choose from and you can never go wrong with any of them. Get more tips and information here.

Step 04: Choose wall and floor treatments.

After you have settled on a style and color palette, now it's time to choose finishes.Forget all about the psychology of color wheel! Don't just paint your dining room red because it increases appetite. No one should ever do that. If you have already chosen a color palette and a style then pick the neutral shade for the walls. Wallpaper is also a great idea to include your favorite colors without using them in a very obvious way.

Regarding the floors, Hardwood flooring tends to give rooms a warmer feeling, and you can achieve the vibe you're looking for by opting for a darker or lighter shade. A slightly light wooden floor goes well with almost all styles and you can easily introduce any rugs and furniture pieces to it. Find more details on different flooring types here.

Step 05: Pick your furniture.

Considering the style, layout and color scheme that you chose, let's get to the fun part.Picking furniture can be really stressful for some people but if you already know the size and style of the pieces then it will make it so much easier for you. Most furniture shops adapt to a certain style so make sure to look in the right store. For example, if you're going for a classic style then don't go shopping at West Elm. Try to stay away from excessively ornate details like winged arms and curved legs. Want to make things easier for yourself, choose a simple piece and take it up a notch with the styling. Don't forget to consider the scale of the furniture in regards to your room, and pay attention to the heights of the pieces you buy. You don't want to end up with a coffee table that is much higher than your sofa.Get to know the different furniture styles and how to shop for furniture here.

Step 06: Light the room.

Lighting can make or break your room. After all this effort you want to make sure that the room is aesthetically pleasing. Lighting fixtures are a great way to complement your chosen style so don't rely on just one type of lighting, you want to mix lighting fixtures for the best outcome. Do you want to feel warmth and coziness? Then Never use white light in your home. Floor lamps and table lamps are extremely versatile so try to include them both in your room. Utility rooms like kitchens and bathrooms need more lighting than other rooms so don't forget that. Also, pay attention to the size of the fixture. You want to get a fixture that is proportional to your room, not too big or too small.Learn more here.

Step 07: Start Decorating!

Now that you're done with the foundation of your design, this is the part that makes it all come together. If you can't afford an accessory haul at the moment then start introducing one item at a time. Start with the rug, make sure to nail the right size and placement. Hang your curtains and add cushions to your sofas. Lastly, decorate your tables and shelves if you have any and don't forget to hang your artwork.We are always adding styling tips to help you out, you can check them out here.

I hope these steps have gone a little way in helping you create your dream home! And don't forget to just be yourself and enjoy this process, it's amazing what you can achieve if you just try.

If you're still not confident enough to start, keep following my page. I will be posting follow up posts where i talk in details about each of these previous steps. Best of luck!

*All photo credits go to their owners.


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